Sunday, January 10, 2010

The MBA candidates from ITM Kharghar mus be commended for participating in the Threshold India work shop cum competition in spite of hectic work load. A total of 10 teams competed for 10 days and two teams walked away with prizes. A team of judges consisting of Dr. Neha Sarda and Ms Piyul Mukherjee gave away prizes for:
1: Idea
2: Team work and execution

and the winners are:

Students entrepreneurs with their first businesses:

The students engaged in many business ranging from selling milk to the hostel inmates to selling computer accessories to offering games to the kids at the local mall. Some of them sold a software to handle the compatibility issues on their campus. One group offered term work reports printing orders and one group sold everything from tea, to candles to corns.

Initial Workshop
In this module basics of entrepreneurship were covered along with information on how should they go about thinking of a new idea ie the need gap. They were advised to look within themselves for the core competency they have. They were asked to mix creativity, teamwork, passion, and strategy with their core competency and fulfill an un met need.

Seed Capital:
And finally, the students were given a seed capital of RS 1000 ( Rs 500 for Threshold India and Rs 500 from the teams) and 10 days of time to show what they are made up of...

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